Chicago: Episode 4

Jan 29, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Everyone's bonding…except for Tonya. She's not about going out, she's about sitting at home talking on the phone with Justin. The rest of the gang is frustrated that she doesn't spend time with them and thinks she might be making up excuses and dra... (more)ma when things get hard. Kyle remarks, ""My relationship with Tonya is very much a labor of love. Occasionally, with a heavy emphasis on the labor side of things."" Meanwhile, the cast finds out that they will be working as lifeguards for Illinois State Parks and Recreation. They are all excited about the prospect of being on the beach all the time until they realize that they actually have to pass certification. Theo wants to be a lifeguard but doesn't know how to swim very well. Cara's dad is overjoyed that his daughter is following in his footsteps as a saver of lives, but the idea really scares her. She doesn't try very hard because she doesn't want the responsibility and eventually declines getting certified. After all is said and done, on

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