Episode 5

Nov 07, 2021 on Arena at 8:30 PM


After the fireworks of the first 'babymoon' dinner in Far North Queensland, some of the ladies retreat via helicopter to play golf. But they're not out of danger yet, as Simone threatens to cash the golf-buggy in the vicinity of a dozen hungry reside... (more)nt crocs. Back at the hotel, Kyla is still reeling from her clash with Janet, while others seek calm in the sanctity of the spa. Meanwhile, Simone and Cherry's squabble over a fashion designer is still simmering- now with Anjali implicated for her role in the spat. And with Janet resolving to avoid further conflict, and Kyla hell-bent on confronting issues head-on, someone has the spectacular idea of placing all warring factors in the confines of a small boat, miles from the coast. Back in Melbourne, the storm clouds part briefly for a surprise celebration, before another somewhat superficial conflict kicks off- hilariously this time... over the pettiness of their fights

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