Episode 4

Oct 31, 2021 on Arena at 8:30 PM


The housewives are settling into a newly-pregnant Jackie's North Queensland 'babymoon' and it's decided new relationships need to be forged. Jackie's especially concerned about an impenetrable threesome; Cherry, Kyla, and Anjali- and decides to split... (more) them all up on a drive to the falls. Despite arriving to a scene of spectacular natural beauty, the scene soon becomes ugly as fashion-conscious Simone accuses Cherry of trying to steal her designer, and rumours abound Kyla's not being honest about her past. Team Kyla breaks away to reflect on the accusations, while the others indulge on some good old fashioned... toad racing?! But all bets are off when Kyla claims to have heard the others gossiping about her friends, Jackie storms off and Janet is left to conclude they have a pathological liar in their midst.

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