Beautiful People

May 18, 2013 on BBC America at 10:00 PM

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Humans! Tonight’s “The Nerdist” show on BBC America is so jam packed full of amazing things that it’s leaking out of the sides and making a mess all over the floor! Get out the Sham-Wow and the wet-vac because we’re about to get beautiful all over... (more) your television set. That’s right – two of the best looking people on the planet join Chris Hardwick tonight. We’ll start with Joe Manganiello, who stars as the six foot five werewolf on “True Blood” (and yes, we’ve determined that he actually is that tall – but can he get through our revolving door?) Plus, the lovely Morena Baccarin from “Firefly” and “Homeland” joins us. We’ll enlist both of them to help us play a game called “Obscure Comic Book Character, German Restaurant, or Dinosaur?” Matt and Jonah head off once more as our Nerdist ambassadors to the United Kingdom and well-dressed comedian Paul F. Tompkins spins some yarns. All this on this week’s all-new episode of “The Nerdist!”

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