Episode 8

Jul 29, 2015 on BBC One at 9:00 PM


With Roach's identity finally revealed, and the villain seemingly within the Unit's grasp, the team now face the challenge of intercepting his massive shipment of drugs and, even more crucially, somehow linking it to him. Meanwhile, Roach is feeli... (more)ng under pressure from both outside and inside his organisation. With Casby feeding his paranoia, Roach becomes convinced that another crew is after his business, and that there is a traitor within his own gang. But what is he prepared to do to restore order in the ranks? As the Unit close in on what they believe to be Roach's shipment, little do they know that Roach has a final surprise up his sleeve. Will Ash finally manage to bring down his biggest ever criminal adversary, and if he does, what will it cost him morally and personally? If, after it is all over, he can't get his family back, will it all have been worth it?

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Jul 22, 2015