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Sep 05, 2013 on itv at 9:00 PM


2008 – a glorious May bank holiday weekend. A four year old boy goes missing after a neighbourhood barbecue. Believed to have been abducted, a nationwide search and media frenzy ensue, but the boy is never found. Present day – the wettest spring ... (more)on record. Workmen digging up a burst water main uncover a body under the communal garden. Little Callum Reid – buried just yards from his own front door. The missing boy never left Arcadian Gardens. The Guilty is a dual-timeline drama about a crime. Moving back and forth between the days immediately before and after Callum Reid’s disappearance and the same bank holiday weekend five years later when his body is discovered, it explores the ways in which a single shocking incident fractures the lives of all those involved and how it feels to be forever defined by an event you wish had never happened. In 2008, Arcadian Gardens is a desirable address - a suburban oasis with comfortable detached homes overlooking a private shared garden. Unlike most anonymous urban streets, the residents pride themselves on their sense of community. Children play in the communal garden. People feed each other’s pets and water one another’s plants and, of course, every May Bank Holiday there’s the annual neighbourhood barbecue. Then little Callum Reid from No. 4 goes missing and nothing is ever the same again. Five years on, Arcadian Gardens is a very different place. An address synonymous with tragedy. The grief-stricken parents’ and their neighbours’ lives were torn apart by the events of that long May weekend and even after all this time the wounds are still raw. Then, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his disappearance, Callum’s body is discovered, buried only yards from his own front door. And the nightmare begins all over again. DCI Maggie Brand leads the new investigation. Pregnant when Callum went missing, debilitating morning sickness had forced her to step down from the original ca

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Sep 12, 2013