Gomez, the Cat Burglar

Dec 03, 1965 on ABC at 12:00 AM

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After a large meal, Gomez gets sleepy. That night, he sleepwalks, and when he returns doesn't get up till four in the afternoon. The news is filled with the story of a cat burglar on the loose. He sleep-walks again that night, and the cat burglar str... (more)ikes again. Fester stands guard, but falls asleep, and the Family is worried. Fester and Morticia find the stolen loot in their basement, and are afraid Gomez is the cat burglar sought by the police. They have to keep him from going out. Grandmama realizes that her yak stew is what's making him sleep-walk, and Morticia hypnotizes Gomez to find out why he's stealing. He's been reading about Robin Hood, and has been influenced to imitate him. Morticia wants to use hypnosis to cure him, but speaks French and he awakens. They lock him in the basement, but he escapes, returning at three a.m. with more loot. The others waken him and he realizes what he's been doing and is aghast. This time, though, the police have followed him. To prevent them fr

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Season 2 Episode 11

Nov 26, 1965

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Dec 10, 1965

Guest stars

Ken Mayer, Bill White