Part 9

Mar 26, 2000 on NBC at 12:00 AM


The Trolls, now teamed up with the Huntsman, have captured Virginia, Tony and Prince. Meanwhile, The Evil Queen prepares the false Wendell's coronation. Tony and Virginia manage to escape, but Prince is left behind. On their way to Wendell’s castle t... (more)o stop the coronation, they decide to take a shortcut through the Deadly Swamp. In the swamp, Virginia finds the body of "The Swamp Witch" (Snow White's evil stepmother.) Tony eats some magic singing mushrooms and drinks the swamp water, and Virginia joins him. The mushrooms and swamp water make them fall into a dream filled sleep and swamp vines begin to cover them.

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Mar 19, 2000

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Guest stars

Gemma Boyle, Hilary Tones