Jul 13, 2014 on Cartoon Network at 12:15 PM

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It's Superjail's annual Field Day, and Warden is dead-set on winning the Three-Legged Race this year. As such, he builds himself the perfect partner: A walking weather machine named "Sunshine". Using Sunshine to create weather anomalies that distract... (more)s the competitors, Warden cheats his way to victory. However in his gloating Warden breaks his remote controller for Sunshine causing it to develop its own will and abandon Warden. Sunshine promptly creates dangerous weather anomalies all over Superjail, destroying the Candyland section in the process which enrages Warden (as it's his favorite place in the prison). Meanwhile, Jared is crying over losing Sharice to The Doctor who makes multiple attempts to take his new relationship with her to third base. His plans backfire when Sharice blindly ignores his advances, leading The Doctor to create a Frankenstein-style clone of her with slutty tendencies. Which Jared finds first. In the end, Sharice and Jared reconcile while The Doctor decides to stick to using the Sharice clone he made for his libdo.

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