Look Who's Talking

May 27, 2015 on BBC One at 11:10 PM


Undercover reporter Woody is on the run after uncovering a plot which goes right to the heart of the British establishment. Woody's editor Frank is involved in the plot and sets Woody up, meaning he has to flee the British Security Services - fast. H... (more)e escapes to a Spanish island to seek refuge with his former Fleet Street mentor Brutus - now retired from journalism and running a bar. Initially unhappy to see him, Brutus quickly realizes that Woody's unrivalled ability to go undercover in any guise can make them both money. When Melody, the beautiful wife of pensions fraudster Donald Hammer, approaches Brutus to help her find her husband's hidden millions, Brutus enlists Woody's help. There's a catch, however - the only living being who knows where the cash is stashed is Teflon Don's talking parrot - and the parrot has been kidnapped. Can Woody's mastery of disguise help him unmask the birdnapper before it's too late?

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In the Line of Fire
Season 1 Episode 2

Jun 03, 2015