Seaview Terrace

Mar 06, 2013 on Syfy at 9:00 PM

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Katie, Zak, and James, three musician friends from Brooklyn, NY, drive up the coast to Newport, Rhode Island where they take up residence for five days in Seaview Terrace. The cavernous Gilded Age mansion was left behind by Edson Bradley, a late 19th... (more)-century whiskey mogul. While his ghost is believed to still be in residence, the opulent estate is reportedly lorded over by Bradley's late wife, Julia. Today, guests report drastic temperature changes, strange noises, and terrifying apparitions. Zak is a believer in the paranormal, James is a skeptic, and Katie is on the fence but eager to find proof of the unknown. The investigators arrive after nightfall and, finding the house without power, descend into the inky basement in search of a fuse. They're startled by inexplicable sounds in the darkness and retreat to Mrs. Bradley's master bedroom for the night. Zak talks in his sleep about a hat, which the team laughs off until later, when investigating the sound of footsteps, Zak finds a women's hat in the attic. While tinkling on the keys of a grand piano, the trio hears the sounds of disembodied footsteps on the floors above. Despite the plush canopy beds, claw-foot tubs, and roaring fireplaces, Katie, Zak and James quickly start to feel less like guests and more like intruders. They witness doors closing and opening on their own and watch in horror as an EMF detector seems to record a presence from the beyond. On the final night, Katie tries to relax with a bubble bath, but a storm sets all three friends on edge. When a set of locked double doors bursts open in front of them, they panic and begin to unravel. During their climactic final investigation, they hear what sounds like phantom organ music. When they later discover an organ, seemingly dismantled for years, they speculate that it may have been the lady of the manor at work (not to mention a ghost organ). Zak and Katie end their stay as devout believers and although James has his doubts, all three agree

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