Mar 21, 2019 on BBC One at 10:00 PM


There’s a big wedding to organise so the Craiglang pals all rally round to sort a venue, flowers, food and even a band. With such a lot to arrange, will it all go without a hitch? Jack and Victor have a chance encounter with an old pal while enjoying... (more) a relaxing sit on a park bench. They’re pleased to hear he is the curator at a museum now (even if they don’t know what a curator is) but the friendly chat soon leaves Jack and Victor reeling as he insults them by saying he can’t hang about doing nothing in a park all day. Meanwhile, Winston has been having the time of his life these last couple of months with his good lady companion. During one particularly brilliant day, involving a wind up at Stevie the Bookies, the excitement of it all gets too much and a wedding proposal slips out. Back in The Clansman, the look on Winston’s face leads Boabby to assume he got a knock back – but it turns out she said yes and they are to be married in ten days. Well, why wait at this age? The trouble is, Winston has promised her the world, but in the cold light of day is convinced he has absolutely nothing whatsoever to offer her. A visit to his new fiancé’s house to call the whole thing off, lands him in it even deeper, so with Winston in a hole, it’s up to his pals to band together and attempt to organise a wedding to remember. There are flowers and food to sort, and while Boabby and his wee black book are under pressure to find a band, Jack and Victor look up their old curator pal in the hope he can come up trumps with a venue.

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