Aug 23, 2005 on Comedy Central at 12:00 AM


The boys are broke, and need a new way of bringing in some money. They decide to start their own farm inside their apartment. After planting seeds in the floorboards and giving them plenty of water, nothing happens. Unfortunately, all the watering of... (more) the floor has destroyed the girls room below them. The boys try to make up for it with a sleepover, and while the girls have a great time they end up suing the boys for $10,000 in damages anyway. Luckily, their floorboard crops actually grow, and the boys are in business! Their vegetable sales are going great until they overwork the floorboard farm and are forced to shut down. With $10,000 still to owe, and the bank threatening foreclosure, the boys have to work on another farm. Tired, hungry and thirsty, things are looking grim. After making a wish that they can find the money, the next day the boys discover that the owner of the farm they are working on used to work on the boys floorboard farm! The owner, grateful for the inspiration Michael Ian Black had unknowingly given to him, offers to help the boys out. The boys pay of the $10,000 owed to the girls, and the money owed to the bank, and still have enough money for a celebratory fiesta!

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Aug 16, 2005

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