Star Force, Shoot That Sun!

Apr 04, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Earth is one month from the end when the Argo arrives with the cannon from Guardiana. Just as the Star Force is about to fire the cannon into the sun, the Bolar Federation launches a surprise attack which damages the cannon. As Desslok joins the figh... (more)t, Jason runs out to repair the cannon and is hit. Flash avenges him by crashing his fighter into the Bolar fortress, heavily damaging it. To ensure that Flash's sacrifice isn't in vain, Desslok fires his cannon, destroying the fortress. Although critically wounded, Jason manages to repair the gun so Derek and Nova can fire it. Their attempt succeeds, and the sun -- and Earth -- are saved. Jason thanks Derek and Nova, wishing them happiness. He then dies from his injuries. As the bridge crew holds a memorial for Jason, Queen Guardiana appears carrying Flash's body and declares that war leaves no winners. She also says the Star Force should never fight to obtain peace, for it could be worse than fighting an enemy. Desslok congratulates Wildstar, wishing him luck in rebuilding. As they again part ways, the series ends.

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The Secret of Planet Guardiana
Season 3 Episode 24

Mar 28, 1981