The Secret of Planet Guardiana

Mar 28, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


The Star Force approaches a planet, which Mariposa says is the gateway to a different dimension. As Mariposa opens the gateway, Desslok's fleet materializes behind the Argo. As the ship approaches Guardiana, the sensors indicate that it's just like E... (more)arth. Jason suggests that they take Guardiana for a second Earth, but Derek says that if they did, they'd be no better than the Galmans or the Bolars. Meanwhile, both Galman and Bolar ships follow the Argo. Derek orders the Star Force to defend Guardiana. While Desslok destroys the Bolar fleet in space, the Argo's crew defeats the troops on Guardiana. Derek learns that Guardiana had a powerful array of weapons, but swore them off long ago, only wishing for peace. He tells Desslok, who decides not to conquer Guardiana. Meanwhile, Mariposa offers an extremely powerful cannon that she says can restore the sun. She bids the Star Force goodbye, then becomes the new Queen Guardiana. The Star Force returns to Earth with a renewed hope. 46 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Mar 21, 1981

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