Battle at the Scalageck Star Cluster

Mar 21, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


The Star Force approaches Beta in the Scalageck Star Cluster, the last possible planet the Argo is scheduled to survey. Although the planet is uninhabitable, the crew discovers the remains of the U.S. spaceship Arizona, which was apparently attacked ... (more)by the Bolar Federation. Just then, both a Galman and a Bolar fleet materialize and both demand Queen Mariposa. Derek refuses, ordering Flash to look after Mariposa. Meanwhile, Desslok orders the Galmans to defend the Argo. The Bolar fleet attacks the Argo, which -- along with the Galmans -- returns fire. Several ships are destroyed, along with that of the Galmans' fleet commander, Admiral Gustaf. The Bolar main fleet radios the Argo, again demanding Mariposa. Derek refuses, and the Bolars attack. Using asteroids for cover, the Argo launches a counterattack with its wave cartridges, finally ending the battle. Flash begs Queen Guardiana for help, prompting Mariposa to help by inviting the Argo to Guardiana. Even though the Star Force didn't find a second Earth, Derek decides on one final mission -- to take Mariposa to Guardiana. 51 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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