Farewell Planet Phantom

Mar 14, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


On board the Argo, Derek, Nova and Sandor are unable to locate Flash and Jason, who are trapped in a tunnel on the planet. Suddenly, Flash and Jason meet the planet's life center, who asks them to take care of Queen Mariposa. Phantom says that Maripo... (more)sa has the secret to the planet Guardiana and must be taken somewhere safe. Phantom then returns Flash, Jason and Mariposa to the planet's surface, where a rescue ship from the Argo picks them up. They describe their findings to Derek, who assigns Flash to be Mariposa's escort. After the Star Force leaves, they see Galmanian ships materialize. Mariposa says that the Galmans will attack Phantom. Flash warns Derek, who sends an urgent message to the Galmans asking them not to attack. The message is ignored, however, and the Galmans destroy Phantom. Derek asks Desslok why he ordered Phantom destroyed. Desslok says that he punished Phantom for embarrassing him and Derek by deceiving them. Having lost much time, the Star Force resumes its search for a new Earth. Meanwhile, Belmayze and Desslok learn that Mariposa is now on board the Argo and dispatch war fleets after the ship. 111 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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