On the Way to Planet Phantom

Feb 21, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


The Argo begins the first of three warps to Planet Phantom, a distant planet of which little is known other than that it resembles Earth. At Bolar Headquarters, Belmayze orders a fleet to attack and destroy the Argo. Meanwhile, the Star Force receive... (more)s a distress call from a small planet. Commander Wildstar sends Jason, Flash and IQ-9 to investigate, but just as they leave the Argo, the transmission stops. Derek decides to allow the mission to continue. On the planet, Jason and Flash discover several followers of Queen Guardiana who were on a pilgrimage when their ship became disabled and they had to land. Derek has a team repair the pilgrims' ship, but Bolar ships appear just after the pilgrims take off. Derek tries to negotiate with the Bolar fleet, but the fleet attacks both the Argo and the pilgrims' ship. Derek has the Cosmo Tigers launch to protect the pilgrims' ship. Just then, Queen Guardiana appears before the Argo in the direction of Phantom. The Star Force wonders if she might perhaps be guiding them toward the planet. 139 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Feb 14, 1981

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