Desslok's Empire in the Moment of Crisis

Feb 07, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Desslok visits the Argo, where he pays his respects to the late Captain Avatar, who had commanded the ship on her first voyage. Commander Wildstar explains what happened to Earth's sun and the Argo's mission. Desslok offers his help to help make amen... (more)ds for the Galmans' part of the tragedy. Desslok's scientists offer a plan, which the Earth Defense Force agrees to use. Desslok then says that he built his weapons to maintain peace, and his ultimate goal is to unify all the planets to ensure peace. Just then the Bolar Federation attacks. Galman activates its defenses, and all but one missile is destroyed. The Argo launches to destroy the last missile. Unable to fire the Wave Gun himself as his arm is still healing, Derek has Jason fire the weapon. Jason does so, destroying the missile, and Derek cautions Desslok about the danger of relying so heavily on weaponry. 182 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Season 3 Episode 16

Jan 31, 1981

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