The Rough Seas of Alpha Centauri

Nov 21, 1980 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


On the Argo's main deck, the bridge crew tosses coins into space as a custom for luck. The Argo then receives a distress call from the planet Alpha. After arguing over whether to land or continue their mission, Derek and Sandor finally convince Mark ... (more)to take the ship down. Meanwhile, on the Galman's repair base near Neptune, Dagon orders his fleet to find the Argo. As half the crew repairs the Argo, the other half is given shore leave. When Derek sees some of the new crew members getting into a brawl, he asks Mark, who is watching, why he isn't stopping the fighting. Mark says it's better they blow off steam there than on the ship. Just then, Galman missiles attack the planet, and Sandor has Jason and Flash man the Argo's guns until the rest of the crew can return. On the Argo's bridge, Mark apologizes to Derek, saying he was jealous of him having been made skipper, but now appreciates his judgment because he supported Mark's decision on the planet. Derek says he'd be nothing without Mark's ability and knowledge, and the two reaffirm their friendship. Meanwhile, Dagon waits to ambush the Argo as it approaches. 310 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Nov 14, 1980

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