Dancing in the Dark

Aug 31, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Henry is intrigued to learn of Helen’s relationship with her ghost lover. It is scarily similar to his own relationship with Suzy. He plies Suzy with questions: did a taxi ever come for Robbie? Has Robbie seen any other ghosts? Why can’t Helen see hi... (more)m any more? Could this be what the future has in store for them? Suzy in turn is intrigued to learn that Robbie and Helen have found a way to be together physically. “Spiriting” they call it. But while Robbie’s happy to expound upon the delights of spiriting, he’s less forthcoming with details on the downside. And Helen herself is tight-lipped. Why is she giving nothing away. Henry and Suzy decide to try spiriting for themselves. They are delighted to find themselves in a place where they can touch ... but before they know it, they’re whisked away from this corporeal bliss, smack bang into the hurly burly reality of their everyday lives. But something strange has happened. Two weeks have passed. Two weeks which they have no memory of. Two weeks during which Steve’s relationship with Jennifer has blossomed. Helen is furious. She explains that spiriting is a way for a ghost and a mortal who are in love to be together. But every hour spent together means a year of Suzy’s life is forfeited; a year which she will have no memory of. Suddenly, all Helen’s strange absences make sense. Suzy is appalled not just at her mother’s selfishness, but at her own. How could she have lost two weeks of her own children’s lives!? Meanwhile, Zac’s finest hour is upon him. His definitive biography of Henry Mallet is being launched. Right there in the building Henry disappeared from! Zac is excited to announce he has solved the mystery of Henry Mallet’s disappearance once and for all: Henry is dead! He fell off the back of a ferry! But it’s far from a great moment for Zac... or for Henry, for that matter. While Zac’s busy with his book and his newfound status, Jonquil retaliates by revealing t

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