If You See Her, Say Hello

Aug 24, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Suzy’s neighbour Rita has a new friend. A sweet young woman who sells make up door to door. Jennifer can transform people from plain to beautiful with one sweep of her blusher brush. But Jennifer has other skills. She can also transform spirits - fro... (more)m trapped and tortured to emancipated and free. And there’s something about The Elysian that’s making her just quiver all over …. Meanwhile, Jonquil is on a rampage. She decides to ‘therapise’ her mother about her abandonment issues. And she takes Suzy to Helen’s old house to show her some dusty relics from their childhood, where Suzy discovers a dusty relic of a different kind. Robbie. A ghost. And Suzy is astonished to learn that she and Helen have more in common than she could ever have imagined. Back at the Elysian, more ghosts are mysteriously dying. But Paperback Pete is oblivious. Much to Suzy’s amusement, he’s developed a crush on her new dental assistant, Penelope. He’s spending all his time in the dental surgery, pining over her, despite the fact she can’t see or hear him. Meanwhile, Henry is roaming the hallways and corridors when he comes across Jennifer. When she tries to spit on him, he’s not only disgusted, he’s terrified! He manages to evade her but not before she runs into a wall and chips her tooth. She winds up in Suzy’s surgery, where she spits on sweet Paperback Pete and he shrivels to nothing. Could Rita’s new friend, the nice make-up lady, be a ghost killer? Or is she really a sweet, innocent girl who thinks she’s helping to move these tortured souls to a better place? Either way, Jennifer is on the hunt for Henry. Just the scent of him is driving her crazy. So Suzy and Henry devise a cunning plan. They lure Jennifer into the surgery and put a stop to her spitting on anyone for a long, long time … With Jennifer out of the way, Suzy delivers a special message from the ghost Robbie to her mother, Helen. Helen rushes to the old house, where Suzy witness

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Aug 17, 2011

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