Sweet Child O’Mine

Aug 17, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Joan Dart is concerned, ghosts are going missing. But that's minor compared to the drama taking place in Suzy's penthouse: Helen, the mother Suzy thought was dead, the mother Jonquil pined for for more than 24 years ... has finally returned. And to J... (more)onquil's distress and implacable envy, is staying upstairs with Suzy. Meanwhile, Steve decides Terry should start online dating and while he's at it, he sets up a profile for Suzy too. She needs to know that compared to all the desperadoes out there, Steve is a God. Suzy is furious when she finds out, but Henry is excited – they can use this to their advantage! They can find a nice man that Suzy fancies, Henry can possess him, and bingo! They can finally be together physically! Suzy and Henry set about finding a suitable candidate for him to possess. Meanwhile, down in Ghostworld, Henry outlines the plan to Antonia, who, less than impressed, confesses her feelings for Henry. Back at the penthouse, Henry waits anxiously for Suzy to bring her date home. But Joan Dart arrives first, distressed. Antonia has gone missing. Joan is convinced something terrible is afoot. Meanwhile, Suzy's fumbling attempts to seduce her date, Aaron, are well under way. Henry slides into the penthouse and attempts to leap into Aaron's body. But can he do it? Will Henry end up making love to Suzy in Aaron's body? Or will Suzy end up making love to Aaron ... in Aaron's body? Downstairs, Jonquil is running the gauntlet of emotions - from distress to envy to anger to joy – as she tries to bond with Helen. But why does Helen not share her most cherished childhood memory? Is she a fraud? Just who is this peculiar, hard-hearted woman? Helen finally gives in to Jonquil's demands to 'please explain'. She takes her to a strange old house, where Jonquil discovers that not only did her mother not abandon her, she has her own cherished memories of Jonquil's childhood. While Joan Dart, roaming the hallways with her clipboard, comes across

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