Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Aug 10, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Jonquil decides to hypnotise Verity in order to get rid of her imaginary friend, Barney. But as per usual when Jonquil’s in charge, things go ever so slightly awry. Instead of eradicating Barney, Jonquil hypnotises the whole family and transports Suz... (more)y, in a hypnotic state, to see her long lost mother. Suzy’s realises that Helen’s not dead, she’s alive and well and dealing Blackjack in a casino. Meanwhile, Henry is hanging out with Antonia, watching Zac write his Mallet biography. Neither Henry nor Zac are happy with the way things are going. But neither are prepared for what happens when Zac, in a fit of frustration, Zac resorts to drugs and calls on the spirit of Henry Mallet to possess him. And Henry complies! Henry is suddenly sucked into Zac’s body and “Zenry” is born… The possibilities for Henry/Zenry are endless: cheese, spaghetti, whisky, cigarettes! He even gets to jam with Elvis when Zenry realises – sex! He can have sex! But where’s Suzy? She’s at the casino, where she’s found her mother, but it’s neither a warm nor cheerful reunion. Her evening gets worse when she’s approached by the King. Still smarting from his exposure as a mass murderer, he’s followed her there. But how could he leave the building? And what could he possibly want with Suzy now? Meanwhile, Steve is determined to find his special spirit guy – and devises a new outrageous plan to contact him. With Terry’s help, he’s going to stick a knife in a toaster and die. Only momentarily of course. But he needs Terry to be his spotter and to call the ambulance – before the knife goes in.... When Suzy arrives home, defeated and hurt by her mother’s rejection, she discovers Zenry. At last, Henry in a warm, living breathing human body! But if she has sex with him – is she having sex with Zac - or with Henry? Is Zac aware of what’s happening to his body? Will he remember? Their minds are reeling. And while they debate the ethics, someone f

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Aug 03, 2011

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