Alone With You

Aug 03, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Suzy and Henry are back from their parallel universe adventures and relative normality reigns at The Elysian, until a new ghost catches Henry’s eye. Antonia. She’s young and she’s fun. She and Henry have a lot in common, and not just because they’re ... (more)ghosts… Suzy is feeling at a bit of a loss. Not only is Henry hanging out with his new mate Antonia, her kids are keeping their distance too. Elvis is living with his father, who is on a rampage, determined to make a man out of his bookish, sensitive son. And Verity has clammed up. She won’t speak to her mother and she won’t say why. But she does have a very interesting new friend … With so much time on her hands, Suzy wonders about her parallel life, the one she might have led had she not met Henry. The one where her mother was alive, and she received an award for dental excellence for her work on Joan Dart’s disease. Henry helpfully suggests digging up Joan’s body to get a bacteria sample, but Joan herself has a better idea. She has an identical twin, Jean. And when Jean turns up at the surgery – she helps them out with more than just a DNA sample. Meanwhile Jonquil, relationship expert extraordinaire, decides to set Suzy up on a date with a friend of Zac’s. Unfortunately when things go pear-shaped, as they inevitably do, Jonquil helpfully suggests Suzy just use him for sex… But sex of a different kind is on Suzy’s mind. With Henry distracted by Antonia, the King finds a way into her dreams, which become increasingly sexual, and then increasingly disturbing. When The King burns a strange symbol into her flesh in a dream, it is Jean Dart, sister of Joan, who recognises the symbol and its infamous place in history. Henry and Suzy uncover the King’s true identity, one that sends shock waves through Ghostworld. And one Henry wastes no time in revealing this dark and dangerous man for who and what he is. With The King vanquished, Suzy and Henry decide they might try some sexy d

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