Time After Time

Jul 27, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


At the end of episode 1, The King encouraged Henry to put things ‘back the way they were before’. All his problems would be resolved by walking through a door in the Ballroom. Now Henry has returned and, to his dismay, things have gone too far back. ... (more)Not only can Suzy not see or hear him, this is old-style Suzy - uptight, unhappy and socially awkward. Not the Suzy Darling he knows and loves! Worse, there are strangers living in the Penthouse … Adam and Juan are wary of the scary dentist from downstairs, and all of the ghosts, including Henry’s ‘boy band’ of mates have disappeared. Even Rocco is still alive… The King tricked him. And The King has disappeared. Henry has no way of knowing how to put things right again. He roams the corridors and hallways of the Elysian in a rage, all alone, venting his frustration on inanimate objects. When he accidentally kills Rocco again, he turns to Potter, the only living being who can see him, for help. But Potter is annoyed with Henry – he’s not only been getting the blame for Henry’s rage, he has troubles of his own. He’s about to be de-sexed! When Henry warns him he’s about to lose his manhood, Potter does something extraordinary – he morphs from a cat into a man. Grateful for Henry’s intervention, he tells Henry how he can put things right: he must find the medallion and get Suzy to put it on. But Suzy is still living with Steve, and Henry can’t leave the building. There’s no other alternative, Potter will have to go to Steve’s. Potter the Man sets off reluctantly, and despite the distractions of chicken, cream and gorgeous Persians, he eventually makes it to Steve’s. But Steve is no pushover. He catches Potter in his garden shed ‘robbing’ him and puts him under citizen’s arrest. But this pussycat’s wits are as sharp as his claws. When Suzy arrives, Potter uses all his feline cunning to escape, but not before managing to convince Suzy she’s a queen, worthy of wearing th

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