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Henry Mallet is back! At the end of series 1, the ghost of Henry returned to The Elysian and to the woman he loves, Suzy Darling. But strange things happen when a ghost and a mortal fall in love, and this time Henry’s not returned alone – he’s br... (more)ought the party with him. An entire entourage of ghosts has come back with Henry and taken up residence in The Elysian. There’s the ghost of Chinaman Tang, and Paperback Pete, the sweetly idealistic young man who died with a novel in his pocket in the 1960s, the very stylish and naughty Ghost Betty. Even the ghost of the super-religious Joan Dart turns up… Whilst Henry is delighted to have someone other than Suzy to talk to, her feelings about these newcomers are mixed. At first she enjoys their attention. But when they start invading every moment of her life until she can’t even sit on the loo in peace, she decides enough is enough. They have to leave. And Henry has to tell them. Before Henry can lay down the law, a new ghost arrives on the scene. Powerful and charismatic, and known simply as The King, he seems a wise and ancient soul. But he refuses to obey Henry’s new rules. The other ghosts are impressed. They follow suit and mayhem ensues. Meanwhile, the Adams have split. Adam One has left for London and Adam Two and Juan are settling into a new kind of domestic harmony. As are Zach and Jonquil, who are moving into an apartment in The Elysian together. Bliss! Domestic bliss of a different kind awaits Elvis at Steve’s. He is staying with Steve who is determined to teach him how to be a real man. And Steve has another new obsession: finding his special ‘spirit guy’. Back at The Elysian, the ghosts are driving Suzy to distraction. Literally. When they interfere with one of her patients she is distraught, and Henry, feeling responsible, is determined to set things straight. He finds the King, who shows him a newly formed door in the Ballroom. This was what allowed Henry to com

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Season 1 Episode 8

Oct 13, 2010

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