Twitch Is Down

May 24, 1999 on HBO at 12:00 AM


How does one find humanity in an alley? How does one regain one's soul... An abandoned church. Memories rip through Spawn's fragmented mind. Frustrated with his plight, the Hellspawn lashes out, and then turns his rage toward the alley in search of... (more) the old man Cogliostro, the man with the answers. The old man, once a Hellspawn himself, attempts to guide Spawn. The old man reveals that he was the Black Knight and was also known as Merlin. He tells Spawn that the curse can be broken, but Spawn must first accept who and what he is, and abandon the red cloak. Meanwhile, Jason Wynn is doing some investigating of his own. Using his crooked chief Banks, Wynn probes the appearance of a red cloaked man in the alley. Wynn wants the cloaked man found. The cops at the center of the investigation are Sam and Twitch. Bank orders the duo to find the red cloaked man at all costs. But the cops and Wynn aren't the only ones on the trail of the Hellspawn. There is another, a reporter named Lisa Wu. Sam

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Season 3 Episode 1

May 23, 1999

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May 25, 1999