Souls in the Balance

Jun 13, 1997 on HBO at 12:00 AM


Warriors can feel forces massing against them. The agonizing wait for battle becomes a way of life, turning and twisting their dark souls. Feeding tense rage that boils deep within every Hellspawn. They rage at the unfairness of their plight. Rat C... (more)ity. A crazed STREET PREACHER holds a boy against his will. His weapons are his madness and his body wrapped in grenades. Several cops are blown to shreds helplessly trying to free the boy from the preachers grasp. An angry cop takes out his frustration on Gareb. Spawn is forced to intercede, and violently attacks the rampaging officer. Angered by the cops abuse of power, he leaves the cop pinned to a wall as a message to others. Meanwhile, Jason Wynn's political puppet, Senator McMillian is hard on the campaign trail. Wynn is unhappy with several of the Senator's political moves and suggests that he follow his directions more closely. Wynn has a strangle hold on the senator and the senator must obey. To make matters worse Wynn has caught w

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Jun 06, 1997

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Jun 20, 1997