Gassie Passes

Mar 28, 2010 on DiSNEY CHANNEL at 8:00 PM

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Feeling that Gassie doesn’t get the affection that he deserves, Sonny takes it upon herself to show the dog love, love that it doesn’t get from its trainer. Sonny then finds out that giving the dog affection effects Gassie’s mood to flatulate on comm... (more)and when filming the “Gassie” sketches as well jeopardizing the feature film “Gassie & We”. Sonny then gives Gassie too many dog treats that may have killed him. In the end it turns out Gassie was in shock from too many meatball treats and gets the love he deserves, also putting Chad into shock by pretending to be dead. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady borrow money from Dakota Condor to invest in fart noise lunch boxes for “Gassie & We”.

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