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Quentin, a mad scientist was experimenting with Roboslugs, a new generation of slugs which has the abilities of all the slugs of slugterra. He was running mad using the Roboslug in the town. So his sister ringed to the Shane gang to seek help from th... (more)em. They end up with him in a duel in which Eli defeats him using the Enigmo slug. This was because Enigmo was a rare one and only a few people have seen it transform. As a result, Quentin didn't know about the abilities of Enigmo slug. He flees and returns with a giant robot and defeats them. Proud that he has defeated the Shane gang, he leaves the place. After the duel, his sister tells him about her brother's flashback that when he was a young boy, he went to a field trip with his family when his brother tried to get rid of him and pushed him into a room filled with slugs. Due to this incident, he developed a phobia on slugs. So he made the Roboslug to replace them with the original slugs. Then Eli plans to face Quentin using a giant robot they make using their Mecha beasts. Quentin has the advantage in the fight as he was using the roboslugs. The Shane gang's robot was losing all it's parts and collapsed. Eli and Quentin were about to start a duel when Quentin's brother and sister threw a bunch of slugs at him. He started running about in the place when Eli shot a Flopper slug named Noodles at him. Noodles saves him by ordering the slugs to save him from his robot when it was falling on him. He develops a liking on Noodles and resists his phobia. He was sent to jail when Dr. Blakk offered him an opportunity to join him and give his roboslugs for ghouling. Quentin accepts the opportunity.

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Season 2 Episode 6

Feb 19, 2013