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Danna Por, the daughter of Will Shane's old partner, Tom Por comes looking for treasure that she believes Will had hid from her father. She searches the hideout at night for the treasure, Eli and the slugs spot her and then she mentions about the tre... (more)asure and leaves. The gang enthusiastically search for the treasure in the hideout when Eli finds it behind a photo frame. The chest is encased in a layer of molten magma. Only the Forgesmelter can melt the chest. They search for the Forgesmelter in the Cavern of Magma. Danna Por goes to place before them and scares away the whole nest of Forgesmelter slugs and leaves only one. She tells that Will Shane was working for Shadow clan. She gives him the slug on one condition that she should get a share of the treasure. But what they found in the was junk. Danna finds a shadow talker which allows the wearer to talk with the Shadow clan. Danna wasn't capable of bearing the power of the shadow talker. Eli wears for the shadow talker and talks with them. But he keeps it a secret from the gang. Danna flees with a device.

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