Feb 18, 2008 on E4 at 10:00 PM

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Maxxie has a creepy feeling that someone is watching him. Someone close by. A hot boy maybe? No such luck. Sketch is Maxxie’s stalker. A weird loner, who spends most days shut up in a poky flat looking after their disabled Mum. So their attentions tu... (more)rn to the fit blonde boy who lives on the estate. Soon everything in their life is about Maxxie – If only he would even notice them. Meanwhile, the sixth form college production of ‘Osama: The Musical’ is teetering towards disaster under the heavy-handed guidance of lecherous drama teacher Bruce. But Sketch is prepared to do anything to get leading man Maxxie, and if they can’t have him, they’re going to make sure nobody can - and especially not his current leading lady Michelle.

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