Apr 18, 2015 on Mainichi Broadcasting System at 12:00 AM


A brutal attack of the Chimera, the new Human-Gauna Hybrid, destroys the remains of the Giant Gauna. Captain Kobayashi seems to be in league with Kunato (Ochiai) and other infested Sidonia crew members. The Chimera, Tsumugi Shiraui, introduces hersel... (more)f to the Sidonia crew as a human mind controlling a Gauna vessel. However Ochiai's experiments with Human-Gauna hybrids almost destroyed the Sidonia 100 years ago. Tsumugi Shiraui responds emotionally strong to Tanikaze's presence. Because of Captain Kobayashi involvement with the Chimera project, the Sidonia supreme council decides to remove her from here position. However before they can make this happen Ochiai’s clone murders the entire supreme council.

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