Apr 11, 2015 on Mainichi Broadcasting System at 12:00 AM


Kunato and Mozuki discover Ochiai's abandoned lab and fall into a trap resulting in their bodies hijacked by parasites. Now under Ochiai's control, Kunato and Mozuki visit Numi's lab and put her body under control of a parasite as well. When Nagate v... (more)isits the Placental Shizuka, he learns that she was moved to a new location for research and that he can not see her again. He then turns to Kunato for answers, but to no avail. Meanwhile a massive Mauna approaches Sidonia and Nagate joins the sortie against it, piloting his new guardian, the "Tsugumori Kai". However the attack fails to break through the enemy's upgraded placenta. But then another Gauna-like creature appears, and with a single shot it causes massive damage to the giant Gauna. The new mysteriuos Gauna introduces itself as Tsumugi Shiraui.

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Jun 27, 2014

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