Jun 20, 2014 on Mainichi Broadcasting System at 12:00 AM


The massive Gauna structure still remains on a collision course with Sidonia. It is discovered that the Gauna placenta has manifested around a dwarf planet and is planning to ram and destroy Sidonia. Yuhata tries to maneuver Sidonia out of the way, b... (more)ut all efforts to avoid a collision ends in failure as the Gauna also corrects its course accordingly (With the use of its tail) to remain on a collision path. The Captain orders that all guardian frames be outfitted with the new experimental placenta piercing weaponry. 48 frames are deployed with this weaponry and a anti-planetary missile is also launched at the Gauna. Yuhata reveals the plan to the pilots stating that the 48 guardians will separate into 2 platoons. Platoon 2's objective is to destroy the tail of the Gauna (The propulsion site) and Platoon 1's objective is to destroy as much placenta as possible, so the anti-planetary missile can reach the planet at the heart of the Gauna. Nagate and Izana are both positioned in platoon 1 and when they arrive ahead of the Gauna they have exactly 2 hours before the anti-planetary missile reaches the Gauna. The plan initially goes smoothly with both platoons making short work of the Gauna's placenta. Suddenly the placenta beneath platoon 1 morphs into hyggs cannons, and begins destroying many Guardians. Platoon 2 nearly destroys the propulsion system, but Benisuzume quickly appears and destroys all 24 Guardians in platoon 2. With the entirety of platoon 2 gone and almost half the Guardians in platoon 1 destroyed, defeat seems inevitable. Yuhata quickly develops a new plan, to activate Sidonia's super hyggs particle cannon and fire it at the head of the Gauna. This would then allow the remaining pilots of platoon 1 to enter the Gauna structure and destroy the 'Master Gauna' which supposedly controls the massive hive Gauna. With no other option the Captain agrees and fires the hyggs cannon. The episode ends as the hyggs laser approaches and hits the Gauna head.

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