Apr 18, 2014 on Mainichi Broadcasting System at 12:00 AM


When Nagate's fellow pilot Eiko Yamano is killed and absorbed by the Gauna, he fights the creature head on, despite being warned to keep a distance, as a shot is being fired from Sidonia to drive it away. The shot hits the target and the Gauna is kno... (more)cked into space, while the remaining cadets return safely home. A funeral is held for Eiko and the high command officially announces that once again, Sidonia is at war against the Gauna. Three days later, Nagate is still disturbed with what happened and barely manages to sleep or eat properly. Meanwhile, the four highest ranking veteran pilots, led by Mochikuni Akai, pay a visit to the academy, and both Kunato and his friends believe they want to talk to him, but they turn to Nagate instead, much to his anger.

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