Siberian Cut

2014 ( 6 followers)

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Discovery Channel
Sean Vann is an American Logger with a plan -- a big plan. He's worked in the Russian forestry industry for the last seventeen years...but he's always... (more) been working for a boss. Now Sean is putting everything on the line for the opportunity of a lifetime in deepest Siberia. He has a 3-month contract to cut wood, set up his own operation and become master of his own destiny. There's just one snag: in order to fulfill his dream, Sean needs more men. He brings four American loggers to the frozen wilds of Siberia -- to work alongside his own Siberian crew. If Sean can fulfill his contract with the Russian colonel who runs the land, he is set to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if his dual nationality crew can't work together -- and survive temperatures of 40 below -- Sean's dream will be over before it even started.

Season 1

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