Corn Star

Jan 20, 2011 on CBS at 8:30 PM


Ed has a run-in with homeowners' association vice president Rosemary Pernworth when she threatens to cut down his corn for growing too high. Never one to be defeated easily, Ed decides to run for president himself so that he can keep his corn as is. ... (more)Knowing how Ed tends to rub people the wrong way, Rosemary invites him to participate in a debate with her. But when he gives her an amazing foot massage right before the debate begins, she is thrown off her game and Ed manages to sway the crowd. Meanwhile, Henry invites local news anchor Soledad Cho over to the house in order to conduct an interview with her. Vince decides to meet her because she is on his list of celebrities he can have sex with and not have it count as cheating on Bonnie. When she returns his advances, though, Vince decides that his marriage is more important than having sex with a celebrity crush.

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