Nuchas, HavenLock, Kanga, CertifiKID

Apr 07, 2019 on ABC at 8:00 PM


First into the Tank is an entrepreneur from North Bergen, New Jersey, who introduces a traditional hand-held food snack from his Argentinian culture. Entrepreneurs from Nashville, Tennessee, pitch their smart security product to help keep intruders o... (more)ut of the home. A trio of entrepreneurs from Clemson, South Carolina, present their convenient beverage carrier product designed to help keep items cold. Last into the Tank are a husband and wife from Potomac, Maryland, who introduce their online tool which helps offer a wide variety of family activities at an incredible discount.

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Pricetitution, Hydroviv, Flip-It! Cap, Luma Soda
Season 10 Episode 19

Apr 14, 2019