The Chimera

Apr 04, 2016 on Canal+ (FR) at 8:55 PM


In 2024, the European states, all debt, have been supplanted by huge multinationals. Prometheus, one of them, continues to expand its empire on the Federation. It relies for this on a private militia, the Black Squad. Sirius, an idealistic cop wants ... (more)to fight to prevent the disappearance of the world in which he lived and grew up. With his elite group, Section Zero, it comes into resistance. During a speech in the Lower City, Sirius apprehends a certain Sergeant Dan Sorensen, veteran Special Forces, yet pronounced dead in battle for seven years. On him, police found a large quantity of an unknown drug, the Chimera ...

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In the Kingdom of the Dead
Season 1 Episode 2

Apr 04, 2016