XXII: Jack and the Hunters

Sep 13, 2002 on Adult Swim at 11:00 PM


On an alien planet, Aku contacts four Emikandi hunters and offers them the chance to hunt Jack. They capture Jack with incredible ease but Jack just as easily frees himself after he hears they're working for Aku and the real hunt begins! After an ext... (more)ended chase the two sides battle atop a skyscraper and Jack falls to his death...but the hunters rescue him out of respect for their greatest prey. Then the Emikandi refuse to give him to Aku out of respect for Jack's skill and depart.

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XXI: Jack and the Farting Dragon
Season 2 Episode 8

Sep 06, 2002

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XXIII: Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector
Season 2 Episode 10

Sep 20, 2002