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Salad Fingers is making preparations for Hubert Cumberdale's birthday. He addresses "Milford Cubicle", still hanging from the meat hook he was placed upon in Episode 3, trying to persuade the now heavily decayed corpse to take a bath for Hubert Cumbe... (more)rdale's birthday. A knock on the door leads Salad Fingers outside, only to encounter a long, thick metal pole stretching upwards further than the eye can see. Perplexed and irritated by the pole, he goes back indoors and causes Milford to fall from his hook while berating him. He reveals the ability to widen his irises and cause his teeth to move, making a music box-like tune, by moving his hand at the side of his head as though turning a handle. When this fails to rouse his lifeless friend, he decides to leave the house, leaving "Horace Horsecollar", the toy horse that appeared in Episode 6, "in charge". The scene moves to Salad Fingers walking through a misty forest full of leafless trees, revealing the search for a doctor as his motive to Hubert Cumberdale. He finds a vessel full of rubbish and starts rummaging around inside it. He finds a grotesque doctor puppet, which is self-animated and growling with gnashing teeth, that has bent hooks and springs for hands. He refers to the puppet as "Dr. Papanak", and lies down on a large slab resembling a tombstone for an examination (seemingly forgetting that the doctor was meant to examine "Milford Cubicle"). Salad Fingers initially seeming to relish the examination, until Dr. Papanak bites into the side of his head. Salad Fingers throws the puppet away in fear, which sprouts knives and latches onto a nearby horse closely resembling "Horace Horsecollar". Dr. Papanak tears away savagely at the horse's side. Salad Fingers's fear fades away on seeing this; he tries to comfort the horse, acknowledging that the doctor is hurting it, but tells it to try and be still whilst the doctor eats its blood. The horse is shown weeping a tear down its face but makes no movement or resista

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