Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap

Feb 19, 1994 on TV Asahi at 9:00 AM


Wiseman's Black Crystal has grown to an incredible size, spreading its dark energy throughout 20th century Tokyo. Saphir discovers that he and his brother are just pawns to Wiseman, and that they will both perish in Wiseman's plan to summon Death Pha... (more)ntom. He takes the crystal key card from the control panel of the Black Crystal and runs to warn his brother, but Wiseman finds him and attacks. Saphir flees to the past and is saved by Petz (who always loved him) and her sisters. Still determined to warn his brother, Saphir goes to the Black Crystal. He is struck down by Wiseman, who recovers the stolen key card. Saphir dies, and Dimande blames Wiseman for his brother's death.

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The Birth of Black Lady, The Queen of Darkness
Season 2 Episode 39

Feb 12, 1994

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