Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move

Jul 24, 1993 on TV Asahi at 9:00 AM


Rei's grandfather starts an aerobic class to get more women to come to the shrine. Rubeus discovers that the shrine is one of the crystal points and sends Koan to infect it with dark energy. Koan and a droid enroll in the class, but soon start a riot... (more) when they induce all of the other students to fight. The droid starts to attack Grandpa, but Sailor Moon attacks and destroys it. Rei steps up to avenge the harm done to her grandfather. She blasts Kaon with her new attack. Koan is forced to retreat.

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In Search of the Silver Crystal! ChibiUsa's Secret
Season 2 Episode 18

Jul 31, 1993