True Love Awakens! The Doom Tree's Secret

Jun 19, 1993 on TV Asahi at 9:00 AM


The Sailor Warriors manage to make it into the building, where they are confronted by Ali, En and the Doom Tree (which has Usagi and Mamoru in its branches). Ali and En start bickering as they each try to save their loved ones from the other's attack... (more). When Sailor Moon tranforms it surprises the aliens, but En decides to attack both Sailor Moon and Mamoru anyway. During the chaos, the Doom Tree goes berserk and kills En. Suddenly, the Doom Tree starts to talk, telling the story of its sorrowful past. It explains that it needs love energy to live, not the stolen energy of humans. It asks Sailor Moon to heal it, and it becomes a tiny sapling. With its remaining energy, it brings En back to life. The Moonlight Knight also appears and reveals himself as Mamoru. He explains that Mamoru had been split into two parts that can now be reunited. He merges with the fallen Mamoru. When Mamoru awakens, his memories are restored! Ali and En, now fully recovered, take the seedling and decide to make a

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Jun 12, 1993

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