Parking Lot Engine Swap: More Power for the Draguar!

Jul 08, 2019 on YouTube at 6:00 PM


The blown 383 small block Chevy powered ‘74 Jaguar XJ 12 known as the Draguar is back! After sitting neglected for far too long, Freiburger and Finnegan have decided to put a new heart in the disabled Draguar in true Roadkill fashion. They are back... (more) the Summit parking lot in Sparks, NV - the site of their original extreme parking lot engine swap fiasco from episode 4 of Roadkill. And if giving the Draguar a new heart wasn’t enough, the guys also follow up on a lead to fill the void of the stolen Mazdarati. Will this nostalgia trip lead to a rebirth of mini truck greatness, or just more epic destruction of Summit’s pavement with unbelievable Draguar burnouts? Find out in this episode of Roadkill!

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