Two Cadillacs, Too Reliable!

Jan 21, 2019 on YouTube at 6:00 PM


For years Mike Finnegan has wanted to build a 200-mph Cadillac, and now David Freiburger has finally agreed to make it happen…or at least get it started. Step one is to acquire the right Caddy, which they found in Northern California—a 1961 Cadillac ... (more)deVille. After purchasing the bubbletop sight unseen, the guys decide to go on a Roadkill road trip to Georgia. First, they’ll have to make it run and drive, as it’s been sitting for close to a decade. You know—normal road trip material. With some issues right out of the garage and dreams of replacing the 390 V-8, they hit the road for adventure. All is well except one major flaw: The Caddy is far too nice and extremely reliable. With concerns of failing to fail, the guys decide to pick up another Cadillac project Freiburger had stuffed away: a Cadillac 500 engine wrapped inside a ’73 AMC Gremlin. Will the Caddy Gremi give them the adventure they’re looking for? Will the 500 replace the 390 someday? Find out as the guys introduce two new projects to the Roadkill fleet.

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