Super Airship

Mar 04, 2014 on H2 at 10:00 PM


CGI animation explodes open a revolutionary new breed of airship–the Aeros Dragon Dream–to reveal the extraordinary technology that it depends on during a series of gruelling tests. Exploring the engineering breakthroughs within this helium-filled be... (more)hemoth will reveal surprising secrets of how the technology evolved, inspired by extraordinary lessons from nature and history. How did the airship's unique buoyancy control system evolve from the swim bladder of deep-water fish? Which breakthrough in rocket engineering enables Corky to spin the airship on a dime? How did the Eiffel Tower inspire the extremely strong yet lightweight airship frame? If the test flight is successful, it will demonstrate how Dragon Dream's radical new design works and will open a new chapter in aviation history. Failure will consign the Dragon Dream to the scrapheap.

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Season 1 Episode 2

Mar 11, 2014