Arthur's Cross

Apr 15, 2002 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Event: ENGLAND 455 A.D. Nigel and Sydney are called in to investigate a man bludgeoned to death with what turns out to be a relic: the Cross of Arthur. Winston Hubbard has been seeking the Cross, and the dead man's wife, Sarah Glover, believes he ki... (more)lled her husband. Sydney and Nigel eventually track the Cross through a cryptic series of clues, only to find out that Hubbard's nurse and Sarah herself arranged Sarah's husband's death, shared an affair with Hubbard's handyman, and framed Hubbard. Sarah kills the handyman and forces an alliance with the nurse, Emma. Nigel and Sydney put a stop to them both and recover the Cross.

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Feb 18, 2002

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